No of Workshop: 3
Date: 13th of September 2023
Location: Miljana, Zagorska Sela, Croatia
Number of Participants: 31

Agenda of Workshop (if applicable):

a. Welcome words by Ksenija Krivec Jurak, the president of Local action group Zagorje-Sutla and by Hrvoje Novak, manager of Local action group Zagorje-Sutla

b. Introducing the participants to the Circular.rur project and the activities and results carried out so far

c. Introducing the participants to the concept of circular economy, its effects, benefits and importance in today’s world

d. Discussion on new models and approaches to the circular economy

e. Conclusions


Brief Description about the Workshop:

Attendees brainstormed on policy measures, economic incentives, and public awareness campaigns to drive widespread adoption. In essence, the discussion provided a platform for shaping the future of the circular economy, emphasizing the collective responsibility to explore innovative models that can propel us towards a more sustainable and circular society. Overall, the discussion on new models and approaches to the circular economy revealed a collective enthusiasm for transformative change. Participants passionately explored innovative strategies, emphasizing the critical role of collaboration, technology, and circular design principles. The exchange of ideas underscored the necessity of incentivizing circular practices and highlighted the potential for a more sustainable future. As we navigate the complexities of resource management, the circular economy emerges as a promising solution, fostering a shift towards efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced environmental responsibility. The willingness to embrace technological advancements and integrate circular principles into product design signals a positive trajectory. In conclusion, the discourse signifies a shared commitment to reimagining our economic systems and embracing circularity as a cornerstone of responsible and forward-thinking practices. The insights gained lay the foundation for continued collaboration and action, propelling us towards a more resilient and circular global (and rural) community.