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On the 25th of May, 2023, the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut, HWWI) hosted the 1st Multiplier Event of the Circular.rur project in Hamburg as part of the Hamburg Circular Economy Forum. This event brought together 32 participants from ten different countries to discuss their experiences and insights into the circular economy.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of representatives from the Province of Friesland, the Netherlands, who showcased the successful circular economy activities taking place in their region. They also introduced their networking organization called “Circulair Friesland”, which aims to foster collaboration and innovation in the circular economy sector. Additionally, the team presented their ideas for a new EU-funded project, seeking potential partners and support from the attendees.

Dr. Conor Patterson took the stage to present the accomplishments already achieved by the Circular.rur project, as well as the plans for the forthcoming months. This informative session allowed participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the progress made and the future direction of the project.

Moreover, various institutions from Hamburg had the opportunity to provide valuable insights into the circular economy initiatives and ongoing projects taking place within the city.

Following the engaging presentations, attendees had the chance to further discuss their ideas and exchange knowledge while enjoying drinks and snacks, fostering a spirit of collaboration and networking. The event provided an ideal platform for professionals and experts in the field to connect, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations in the circular economy sector.

The Multiplier Event organized by the Hamburg Institute of International Economics successfully brought together a diverse range of stakeholders in the circular economy field. By sharing experiences and insights, participants contributed to the development and promotion of sustainable practices. The event served as a catalyst for further collaboration and innovation in the circular economy sector, emphasizing the importance of working together to achieve a more sustainable future.